60 Seconds with a Recruiter: Donna Walker

  •  Why did you become a recruiter?

To be honest, I kind of fell into recruitment but am very glad that I did! Having worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry and taken several years out of the industry to focus on my family, I was offered a role in Healthcare recruitment and quickly realised that it was the right place for me. This role enables me to utilise my knowledge of the industry, my experience working as a Sales Rep and a Manager and the relationships I have built over many years in these roles.  More importantly though, it gives me satisfaction every day when I place a candidate into their dream job, or find someone that is the perfect fit for a client company.


  • What is your biggest piece of advice for job seekers?

I think the most important thing is to remember that it is not just about what you can do, it’s also about what you want to do. Any interview process you go through needs to be just as much about whether the role and the company are the right fit for you, as it is whether you are right for them. Interviews are a two way process. Work with a recruiter that will support you in this, because that is what will ultimately give you job satisfaction and enable you to build a long term career.


  •  What’s your secret talent no one knows about?

I am not sure I have any secret talents as such, but I am big motor sport fan, so would much rather go to watch the V8s or Moto GP at Phillip Island than any other sporting event… 


  •  Choose a movie title for the story of your life + why.

I would say ‘The Fast and the Furious’ – we have had learner drivers in the house for the last 4 years….I feel like I am taking my life into my hands every time I get in the car! I also asked my kids this question and they immediately said ‘Bad Moms’….hopefully they are thinking of the busy working mother scene (which is just about every day) and not the rest of the movie!


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