5 Tips to Nail Your Next Healthcare Skype Interview

You’ve got a Skype interview! Congratulations! Before you start celebrating too much about the fact that you don’t need to wear pants or commute to your next interview, make sure you’ve checked everything off this list.

You need to take Skype interviews just as seriously as you would take a regular interview. Interviewers are looking for the same outstanding qualities in candidates whether it’s face to face or over a computer screen.

The theme of this article is to BE PREPARED. Prepare, prepare, prepare. If you really want to land this gig, you need to be putting your best foot forward the second someone is open to seeing if you’re a qualified candidate. Don’t let anything be left to chance.

How exactly do you show up prepared for a Skype interview?

1. Square away any potential technological mishaps

Think of anything that could potentially go wrong during your interview and prepare to deflect those things beforehand.

This includes the very basic preparation like making sure you have a strong internet connection. There is nothing worse than scrambling to restart your router or to find out that the one corner of your home you decided to sit in doesn’t have a Wi-Fi signal.

Test your internet connection, have a friend Skype call you and make sure your video camera works. It’s also important to test how you come across through the camera – make sure you have a clean & professional environment. The last thing you want your interviewer to see is your laundry or your messy bed in the background.

Triple check your Skype ID and profile picture to make sure it’s professional. You Skype ID shouldn’t include hobbies or your childhood nickname – stick to your initials, name and add numbers if needed. Additionally, if you don’t provide the correct Skype ID, your interviewers will not be able to contact you. Have the interviewers contact details as well so if for some reason the call doesn’t go through, you have a way to reach them. Go a step further and send a Skype request beforehand!

Healthcare Managers are very busy and expect you to be on time because not only does it show respect for their time, but it’s also part of your job description. Avoid the above issues to ensure you are punctual to your Skype interview. Pharmaceutical and Medical Representatives are expected to be on time for their meetings with doctors and other healthcare professionals.

2. Write notes

The great thing about having a Skype interview is that you don’t have to remember everything off the top of your head. If you are nervous, jot some notes down that you can refer to if your mind goes blank.

During your interview, if there is anything of interest, make notes that you can refer back to. Interviews can be a bit of a whirlwind and you’ll be glad you took notes that will last longer than your short term memory.

In addition, one of our favourite pieces of advice is to give yourself visual aids to keep you confident. Try writing post-it notes to place around your laptop screen such as “Don’t forget to sit up straight!”, “Remember to SMILE” and “Be Confident”.

3. Anticipate connection delays

In some cases, a Skype call can be harder to keep natural flow of conversation than a conversation in person.

When you are in person you can read facial expressions and body language that can cue the correct reaction. This is something to keep in mind especially when you first start the call. To avoid any awkward lulls, we suggest you have a couple of “small talk” ideas ready, just in case!

In addition, remember to speak slowly and clearly as there may be internet connection delays on either side. You need to find the sweet spot of not having too many pauses or cutting off your interviewer completely. Always let them finish their questions before you provide your answer.

4. Prepare for the interview

Skype interviews require the same preparation as a regular interview. Prepare answers to the questions you could be asked about your CV, your experience and about the company you are applying to work with.

It’s also not a bad idea to have your resume handy so you can easily email it to your interviewer if they misplaced your copy. This way your precious interview time can be spent on you instead of frantically sifting through documents on your computer.

You also want to make sure you understand the terminology and technical information that may be asked during the interview. Research the kind of information you are expected to know in your Pharmaceutical or Medical Devices role. Representatives are expected to know a lot of in-depth knowledge in their daily work so employers will be looking for someone who has an aptitude for learning and excellent communication skills.

Also, like with any interview it’s imperative that you prepare questions for your interviewer. This shows that you are engaged with not only the industry, but with the specific job.

5. Prepare your interview outfit

Although this one seems like common sense, this is a big one. Just like an in-person interview it’s important to look your very best.

There is no excuse to look like you just rolled out of bed. Put the same effort into your appearance as you would for any other interview. This means decide what you will wear the night before, iron your dress shirt and put on your best jacket.

Although you may not need to get up for anything during your interview, you never know what can happen. To avoid any accidental flashes to your future boss, we suggest wearing business bottoms as well. The minute after your interview is over, feel free to rip those off and have a dance party for surviving your Skype Interview.

Skype Interview Review & Checklist:

Have a strong internet connection

Have a working computer camera

Provide a correct + professional Skype ID

Send a Skype request to your interviewer

Write key points down that you want to get across

Take notes during the interview

Have reaffirming post-it notes around your screen

Have an electronic version of your resume nearby

Have 1 – 3 conversation ideas on hand

Speak slowly & listen to the whole question before you answer

Prepare answers to common interview questions

Research and understand job terminology & technical information

Prepare questions for the end of the interview

Decide on your interview attire the night before

Groom & dress yourself in professional business attire

Ace the interview!

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