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What to wear to a Medical Sales Interview: Do’s and Don’ts

To understand what to wear to your interview, you need to know what to wear on a daily basis as a pharmaceutical sales or medical device sales representative.

As a Sales Representative, you will work with Physicians and General Practitioners who require the utmost professionalism. It’s important to appear knowledgeable and trustworthy, not only with great product preparation, but also in your grooming and attire. This is why your physical presentation during your interview within the healthcare industry is so important.

Your interviewer knows the target audience (doctors) so they are looking for someone who will represent their company well. Think hard about what image you want to project to the hiring manager.

General Tips

  • As with many other industries, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. The way you appear at your interview reflects how much time and consideration was put into your interview preparation. For example, if your suit doesn’t fit properly it may suggest you didn’t make it a priority to have it tailored, you are not detail oriented or just don’t care enough about the position.
  • A conservative business dress is usually expected for both genders with nothing that screams for attention. You want to be professional and simple so that the focus is on your previous experience and what you can bring to the company rather than a brightly patterned piece of clothing.
  • Dress in something that is comfortable. If you wear an outfit you think looks good, but it’s itchy or keeps riding up in all the wrong places, you will feel uncomfortable and be distracted during your interview. When you feel comfortable in your outfit, you will naturally be more confident which will shine through during your interview.


  • Iron your clothing before interview
  • Wear a dark coloured suit (blue, black, grey) with shirt – women can wear a skirt, men should wear a tie (done up properly, not hanging loose).
  • Wear a light-coloured shirt (and tie for men) in one-tone or colour
  • Wear polished, clean dress shoes (men) or low to moderate heel pumps (women)
  • Make sure your hair is neat, clean and styled conservatively
  • Make sure nails are clean and neatly trimmed or manicured
  • Ensure your beard or moustache is neatly trimmed
  • Bring a smart business satchel or folder with your resume or a professional looking conservative handbag for women (if you need one at all)
  • Cover tattoos if on a visible part of the body (i.e wear long sleeves if you have a tattoo on your arm etc.)

Don’t wear:

  • Large patterns or bright colours
  • Old or scuffed shoes
  • See-through or sheer clothing
  • Anything with a deep neckline
  • Too much perfume or cologne (ask someone else’s opinion)
  • Anything too tight, too short, too loose or anything that doesn’t fit well
  • Anything that makes it look like you’re going clubbing ie very high heels, dark makeup, low pants, unbuttoned shirts
  • Too much jewellery or too many accessories – wedding rings and simple earring studs are okay


The candidate that comes to an interview well prepared and well-presented shows the right attitude for a role in a pharmaceutical or medical devices sales role.

Do not let something simple like wrinkled clothes or a tight suit be the difference between getting an offer or not. If there are two candidates with similar background and similar knowledge, the one who holds themselves to the utmost professional standards is more likely to impress.

In this extremely competitive landscape you need to do everything you can to stand out as the best candidate.

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