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8 Ways to Rock an Intro Call with a Recruiter

You’ve created a stand out CV, submitted it to a recruitment agency and now they want to know more about you. You’ve intrigued them, now wow them during your first call!

During your introductory call, you have to show you have the potential to be a star candidate. If you show your potential, you will be invited for face-to-face interview to dive deeper into your skills and offerings. This is the gateway to companies in your desired industry. In addition, you will have a person who will support you through the entire process.

To be a stellar candidate you have to understand what the recruiter is looking for and why. Why would a recruiter want to help you in the process? Firstly, most recruiters get some type of compensation and secondly, they are motivated by building and maintaining their reputation for placing outstanding candidates. You get a job, they get more recognition and work from clients.

However, you need to provide a reason for them to do so. Here are 8 ways to show your potential, highlight your qualifications and sail your way to the next round!

1) Recruiters are looking for the basic requirements for the particular job. As a baseline, most pharmaceutical and medical device companies require:

  • a bachelor degree
  • permanent residency for Australia (most times)
  • open driver’s license

2) Recruiters are looking for a couple answers to better understand your background. Make sure that your answers are consistent with your CV and be prepared to answer straight forward questions about:

  • current role
  • previous roles
  • educational background

3) For medical sales, demonstration of sales experience is key. Sales within the healthcare industry is best, however, other sales experience in notable. Even if you worked at Nike selling shoes, that is still sales experience. If a medical sales recruiter is calling you, it means they see potential. All you have to do is prove them right.

4) It is not enough to state that you have sales experience. Find a way to quantify and measure your results. You need to articulate your tangible results on your phone call – use numbers, use percentages, use comparison.

  • For example, if there was a team of 10 and you ranked 2nd in your sales department, mention that achievement. You can also phrase this accomplishment as you sold 80% higher than the rest of your team. Alternatively, you can provide the actual amount: “I consistently hit the sales target of $1,200 per day of Nike shoes ranking me second within my store.”

Remember, you want to show that you have succeeded in your current role and you have potential to break into medical sales.

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5) If you are applying to any job, you should have some understanding of what you are applying for. Do not let your chance at a rewarding career be sidelined because you did not research the role. Not knowing what a Medical Representative does is a huge red flag and, most likely, your application will not continue to the next round. Researching the job and talking to other specialists in the industry shows interest, dedication and initiative. These are the kind of qualities that show the potential that recruiters are looking for.

6) Answer the phone professionally and have a professional voicemail if you miss the call. Not having a voicemail at all in unprofessional as well as having a “voice to text” voicemail. Stick to the traditional voicemail and remember that your VM or the way you answer the phone is your first impression.

  • A professional way to answer the phone would look something like: “Good morning, this is (First Name, Last Name) speaking”.
  • A good voicemail can be as simple as: “Hi this is (First Name, Last Name), sorry I missed your call. Please leave your name and phone number and I will get back to you as soon as possible.”

7) Recruiters are looking for great communications skills and an energetic personality. Medical Sales is a high energy job which requires constant communication with healthcare professionals. On the introductory call make sure you follow general communication practices:

  • Engage in small talk if the recruiter starts with small talk
  • Listen to the answer fully before you respond
  • Don’t cut off the recruiter at any point
  • Keep your answers succinct, but long enough to highlight key attributes
  • Ask insightful questions or clarification if you need it

8) Recruiters are looking for you to answer why you are interested in becoming a medical representative. They need to see the motivation and dedication behind your job search. They need to see a reason to invest in you. If you are not ready to invest in yourself there is not much a recruiter can do for you. You have to do the work, the recruiter is there for guidance and support.


Recruiters do not want to trick you or ask you unnecessarily hard questions – they want to see you succeed. Overall, recruiters phone screen to make sure you meet the baseline criteria, have sales & communication skills and have genuine interest in the role.  Keep these 8 actionable tips in mind and there will be no reason for a recruiter not to interview you face to face.

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