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Maybe its time for a book as an alternative to the constant stream of COVID news….at EPHealthcare, we love finding out what makes people tick and how they interact with the world around them…our series of book recommendations might pique your interest too!

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How to Write a Standout CV for Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Sales Jobs

Recruiters spend all their time searching for the right candidate. Depending on the time of year and the demand of the market, a single recruiter could be recruiting up to 30  jobs (or more) at one time. Not only is that a lot of jobs, but think of the sheer volume of CV’s that comes through their servers!

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8 Ways to Rock an Intro Call with a Recruiter

You’ve created a stand out CV, submitted it to a recruitment agency and now they want to know more about you. You’ve intrigued them, now wow them during your first call!

During your introductory call, you have to show you have the potential to be a star candidate. If you show your potential,

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What to wear to a Medical Sales Interview: Do’s and Don’ts

To understand what to wear to your interview, you need to know what to wear on a daily basis as a pharmaceutical sales or medical device sales representative.

As a Sales Representative, you will work with Physicians and General Practitioners who require the utmost professionalism. It’s important to appear knowledgeable and trustworthy, not only with great product preparation,

60 Seconds with a Recruiter: Deb Buch

  • Why did you become a recruiter?

  • There was a few reasons that once put together made complete sense, I had been a recruiting manager in the pharmaceutical industry and found that despite giving a clear brief I hardly ever received candidates that matched this brief. Then when I took a redundancy from a major pharmaceutical company,

5 Tips to Nail Your Next Healthcare Skype Interview

You’ve got a Skype interview! Congratulations! Before you start celebrating too much about the fact that you don’t need to wear pants or commute to your next interview, make sure you’ve checked everything off this list.

You need to take Skype interviews just as seriously as you would take a regular interview.

60 Seconds with a Recruiter: Karina Stafford

  •  Why did you become a recruiter?

    That’s a funny story. As a Sales Manager particularly, I hated recruiters – with a passion. They regularly called me when I didn’t have a job (to meet their activity KPIs) and when I did have a job, most of the time they ignored the brief I gave them and sent lots of CVs of candidates that didn’t fit the profile I was looking for.

60 Seconds with a Recruiter: Donna Walker

  •  Why did you become a recruiter?

To be honest, I kind of fell into recruitment but am very glad that I did! Having worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry and taken several years out of the industry to focus on my family, I was offered a role in Healthcare recruitment and quickly realised that it was the right place for me.