How to Write a Standout CV for Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Sales Jobs

Recruiters spend all their time searching for the right candidate. Depending on the time of year and the demand of the market, a single recruiter could be recruiting up to 30  jobs (or more) at one time. Not only is that a lot of jobs, but think of the sheer volume of CV’s that comes through their servers!

Healthcare Careers Uncovered: Medical Devices vs. Pharmaceutical Sales

Often lumped together as a group, Pharmaceutical Sales and Medical Devices have fundamental differences. Having a thorough understanding of each, how they are the same and how they are different can give you greater insight into which career path to pursue.

Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives are hired by pharmaceutical companies to sell products through persuasively presenting information about their products to medical practitioners.

Pharmaceutical Tablets

Things to Consider Before Starting Your Pharmaceutical Sales Career

Deciding on a career is no easy feat. There are many factors that go into deciding on a career path such as day to day tasks, work environment and earning opportunity. If you’ve stumbled upon the exciting and rewarding prospect of a Pharmaceutical Sales career, read ahead to find out if it’s the right step for you!