How to Choose the Right Recruiter for Your Job Search

It seems every other person you meet is a recruiter these days. If you type “recruiter” in Linkedin’s search engine almost 950,000 people show up under the job title results! That is a lot of recruiters. And these results don’t even include other titles such as “headhunter” or “talent acquisition”. As recruiters ourselves, we decided to […]

5 Top Tips for Your Next Virtual Interview

You’ve got a virtual interview! Congratulations! Before you start celebrating too much about the fact that you don’t need to wear pants or commute to your next interview, make sure you’ve checked everything off this list. You need to take virtual interviews just as seriously as you would take a regular interview. Interviewers are looking […]

8 Ways to Rock an Intro Call with a Recruiter

You’ve created a stand out CV, submitted it to a recruitment agency and now they want to know more about you. You’ve intrigued them, now wow them during your first call! During your introductory call, you have to show you have the potential to be a star candidate. If you show your potential, you will […]

You’ve found yourself in the job market – are you really ready to start applying? You might want to consider these things first

Ok, so you’ve found yourself in the job market – are you really ready to start applying?  You might want to consider these things first. Looking for a new role is something that needs effort to make sure that not only are your CV and social media profiles prepared, but they are an effective marketing tool […]