Retaining talent

In the current job market, attracting and hiring quality candidates is difficult right? There’s so much talk about the candidate short market, how we need to move quickly through the recruitment process in order to beat our competition to the best talent. Well yes we do, but that’s just the start of the challenge….retaining talent […]


I’m sure you are all aware that there is currently a talent shortage in Australia.  I’ve talked previously about changes to the workplace as we emerge into a post-pandemic world and how employees are now in the ‘box seat’, choosing who, where and how they work. So why are employers still not treating candidates with […]

The Power of Part-Time

In such a tight candidate market where employees are hesitant to make a move, whether it be due to the recent pandemic and its ramifications, change in government, or the looming but inevitable interest rate hikes, agile employers are considering options such as a part-time employees or possible job share of two part-timers. In a […]

What Gives You Joy At Work

In a past working life, I was asked the question “what gives you joy in your work?” And I struggled to answer it. I had spent most of my career managing and developing others and had lost sight of what brings me joy in my work. A few years later I took a redundancy as […]