Our Expertise

Building the best teams in Australian Healthcare

We are the go-to recruiters for talent in the Australian Healthcare sector, providing an exceptional candidate experience that ensures we are trusted advisors to the sector and giving employers access to otherwise ‘invisible’ candidates.

Our national network of teams covers a wide range of roles from entry level positions to senior roles for sales, marketing, medical, clinical and regulatory affairs.

With offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, we have a deeply connected national network with vital local knowledge.

Our areas of specialty include:


Medical Devices

Medical Equipment and Capital


Leadership and Management

Medical and Surgical Consumables

Consumer Healthcare

Not just talent, but talent pipelines

Our goal is not just to provide instant solutions to hiring needs (although we do that well),
but to provide an ongoing strategy of sustainable hiring success across your organisation.

Here’s why you should entrust us with your staffing challenges:


Teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth with industry backgrounds to provide a higher level of service and unique access to this country’s Healthcare talent.


Expertise in recruiting sales, marketing, medical, reg, clinical and leadership roles within the pharmaceutical and medical industry, with a rigorous methodology behind the solutions designed to solve your particular challenges.


History of finding people before they enter the job market to ensure better quality talent and avoid the remuneration ‘arms-race’ that often develops when they have multiple offers to consider.


Dedicated Brand Ambassadors, making sure we fully understand your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and employer brand to help you build sustainable talent pipelines.

Whether we are using your brand to advertise or not, understanding the type of people who succeed within your organisation is crucial to our success.
Culture fit is a key factor in performance and engagement, building functional and connected teams empowered to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

We can even help advise on developing your EVP and employer brand with our strategic partners, allowing you to use more effective communications to ensure the ongoing supply of the right talent for your organisation.

HR Consulting

Dealing with the constant challenges and changes in HR can be daunting for organisations, with the breadth and depth of skills required constantly increasing. And when we are thrown external trauma such as health crises and talent shortages, the situation can easily become unmanageable.

At EP Healthcare we have a scalable solution for organisations looking to increase their capability and reduce their risk in HR. A trusted and experienced team that can provide either a full HR solution where required, or fill in the gaps in your existing team.

Our extensive experience includes providing a world-class Talent Acquisition function, improving Employee Engagement, creating a success strategy to drive Compliance and Improvement, Cultural Transformation and upskilling your organisation.

From leadership coaching to improvement of policies and procedures, to creating a roadmap to success for the team, we provide a solution of constant improvement and performance in HR to allow your organisation to achieve its key goals.

We are an effective solution for acquiring and managing your workforce, introducing and implementing best-practice strategies to help your organisation thrive.

What we offer

Not just a job, but a lifetime of fulfilment

The challenge of knowing where your next career step is going to come from is always a difficult one to manage. When the time is right to move, there is often not the right opportunity present.

Our job is not only to find the best available role, but the best environment for your skills, personality and for your individual stage in life. A job is more than just pay and convenience – there needs to be a sense of purpose, something that fits in with the other myriad of responsibilities and interests you have.

It needs to fulfil your many requirements for security, challenge, learning, mobility and balance. It needs to fit you like a glove.

Our role is to do just that, and we have done it successfully for thousands of professionals in the Healthcare sector.

Find your next role in our search function or drop an email to your closest office and we’ll be in touch.

Profit from your investment in Healthcare recruitment

We’re ready to help make it happen.

Building a great reputation in the recruitment industry takes dedication, resilience and a genuine enjoyment of helping others succeed. From this you become a trusted advisor to candidates regarding their careers and a respected supplier to your clients by connecting them with the best talent. The question that remains is; are you enjoying just rewards for your hard work, the 100’s of emails and phone calls each day, the multiple candidate interactions, the out of hours work, supporting the unsuccessful candidates, the pressure to meet client deadlines and the sheer mental energy and grit used to keep your delivery standards high, your responsiveness sharp and your spirits alive even in the toughest of times.

If the answer is ‘no, I don’t think I am getting the full extent of the rewards I deserve’ then for some recruiters, that triggers the move to set up on your own. For many, however, it’s a daunting step, with too many risks and uncertainty of doing it alone, so is often left unexplored.

This is where licensing opens your options like you may never have imagined. In short, you keep more of what you bill – 80% to be precise, which will be more than any employer can offer. But that’s only the financial benefit – there’s many more. The concept of licensing has been applied successfully in a number of industries. A license agreement allows an established organisation with a recognised brand to grant a License to an individual (or group) to conduct their own business under that brand for an agreed percentage of income, whilst relying on the operational structure to support their business growth. It is distinct from a franchise, providing benefits to both parties.

Our goal is become a diversified healthcare recruitment business by providing licenses to talented healthcare recruiters, allowing them to become business owners and realise the full value of their expertise and reputation. Licenses will be exclusive to the specific healthcare segment that matches your background, providing you with both certainty and (importantly) the support to ensure your business grows rapidly and sustainably.

We have achieved our aim of becoming a national business with company owned and operated offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, providing us with national coverage, supported by local knowledge.

While we have become a recognised brand in large parts of the healthcare sector, there are still many opportunities for us to grow our business into other healthcare-related segments. Some of these are known to us as we have successfully won and completed assignments in areas such as Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs, whereas some present new opportunities such as Scientific & Technical, Allied Health and Aged Care.

It’s these areas where the license opportunities can be found – combining your expertise with our know-how, supplier agreements, support and buying power.

Is it time to release the value of your reputation? If so, contact us to arrange a confidential discussion.


Dear Deb, Thank you for all your help and commitment during my job search. I have really appreciated your understanding and persistence on my behalf. The level of service you provide is exceptional and I honestly can’t thank you enough for this, and I am very grateful for having met you. I will use your services in the future and will certainly be recommending you, as you have genuinely had my best interests at heart the whole time. You are not only really good at what you do, but you’re a nice person too and a pleasure to work with during such a stressful time.
C.P.C.P.Clinical Specialist
Natasha could not have been more helpful and supportive during the entire recruitment process. She was dedicated to help me secure my new job at a top company and was always available to give advice and information so I would be prepared and ready at every step. Natasha displayed commitment by keeping up to date with emails and phone calls that I would be confident to recommend her to anyone looking at getting into the health care field. 10/10
M.G.M.G.Pharmaceutical Representative
Natasha helped me to secure a position in one of the top pharmaceutical companies. She showed high professionalism throughout the whole recruitment process and has a very high consistency when it comes to following up; moreover, she is highly responsive to phone calls and emails. It is also worth mentioning that she is a good listener with the special ability of balancing your needs with the recruiting company's needs.
Donna took a partnership approach to my search for a role in the pharmaceutical industry. Her attention to detail, availability, collaborative approach and focus on an organisational fit were evident throughout the process.Donna provided me with fantastic resources that helped me fain a greater insight into the companies I was applying for, which in turn made the interviews so much easier. Donna is highly experienced and well connected (which is vital in this industry) and she challenged and coached me when required. To Donna’s credit, I honestly feel that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.
L.P.L.P.HR Director
I have worked with John and the EP Healthcare team as a client for the last 3 years.  Over this time, we have had great success sourcing suitable candidates for our sales and senior management roles. They understand our industry, our business, our roles and most importantly our culture and only put forward candidates who fit the brief.  Their pipeline of quality candidates means the turnaround time from briefing to interview is very efficient, allowing us to move through the hiring process more quickly and smoothly.
H.L.H.L.Hospital Representative
EP Healthcare Sydney has been incredibly helpful and professional throughout my entire job search. They are dedicated to finding the best placement for you and your abilities. The company prides itself on understanding your needs and wants and matching these with the right job. I cannot fault my experience thus far and would be delighted to work with them again in the future.